Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Magic Toy Chest - New Graphics

Some time ago I reviewed a game called "The Magic Toy Chest". One of the many aspects I commented on included some issues with the graphics.

The developers listened to these comments.

The Magic Toy Chest has thus been revamped, with all-new graphics! We were thus faced with a dilemma - as it is still the same game, a new review seemed unnecessary (not to mention likely to set an awkward precedent - every update to any game would warrant new reviews!) but a mere news posting seemed insufficient. And so I've dusted off my old blog, somewhere I really don't post to enough.

Here we have a screenshot from the previous version, and the new version. Note how much clearer the foreground is - you can now tell much more easily when something is foreground and something is background.

Here is another comparison - the character art has also been much improved:

Well done on your efforts! But a note of caution to all developers - try to ensure your graphics are finished before you release your game. It is very difficult to improve them afterwards.