Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Epic Work In Progress...

I am always pleased to hear about new and ambitious projects in the indie world, and here is just such a project. New developer Probability Space are launching Warrior Epic, an online RPG that aims to be small to download and free to play. Players after new equipment and special features can pay for this as they wish, but this is not required.

Though Probability Space is new, the team comprising it are anything but - previous work includes input on StarCraft, Age of Mythology, Gears of War, Command and Conquer III, Battle for MiddleEarth, and more besides. While a public beta is not yet available there are several screenshots on their website and what they have put together so far is impressive.

You can find out more about Warrior Epic at www.warriorepic.com.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brass Tacks

News of a curious game in development has reached the Bytten offices. Described as having "a noir-crime-mobster atmosphere", the story features one Albert Swick, a man of dubious moral standing. His ex-partner has just had an accident, falling down the stairs and breaking his neck. Albert should be pretty pleased, since said ex-partner has been blackmailing him. Problem is, who's going to believe he wasn't involved?

Thus follows a curious game that isn't quite like any other. Your task is to exhonerate Albert - as the police will be able to finger him on such minor evidence as a single fingerprint or the most circumstantial of evidence, the best way to do this is make it look like someone else did it. After all, if it's obvious enough, who'll look for any other clues?

No demo was available at the time of writing this but we're hoping one will become available soon. Meantime, take a look at the development screenshots for an idea of just how good this game is looking: http://www.beware.co.nr/

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to the newcomer!

Having moved house, settled in and so on, I've rather fallen out of touch with blogging. Bytten continues as ever, with a steady rate of new submissions, and reviews go well. So I thought it high time I made some other comment here and I have the perfect topic.

There's a newcomer at Bytten. I don't mean another reviewer, but a new laptop. My old faithful companion is struggling now for space and, after some years of use, the performance is also starting to chug. Couple this with the ever increasing demands of computer software and it is plainly time to upgrade.

The new laptop, for the technophiles out there, is a Dell Inspiron 1521. It's running Windows Vista, another new arrival (and a slightly less enjoyable one, though doubtless I will adapt - the new Office suite is, however, much harder to use).

So welcome, new laptop, and may you stay with myself and Bytten for many years.