Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fizzwizzle returns!


Grubby Games have finally announced their latest game featuring the absent-minded Professor Fizzwizzle. A sequel to the original, "Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery" introduces new puzzles, new objects and new enemies.

Currently undergoing final testing, I personally cannot wait for the chance to review this one. It looks like it could be hot stuff.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

News! At long last, news!


I've been rather remiss at updating this blog of late. In fact, I've been rather remiss at all manner of internet-related things - you can blame this on the combination of the loss of my car (leading to long days at work and pickups by arrangement) and the high stress of buying a first house. Hopefully that will all work out well, at which point I'll be near a half-decent bus route and trips to work will be much shorter.

Amidst all this I've been both reviewing for Bytten and proofreading, so the remaining free time I have is being put to constant use. So it's high time I took a few moments to do something useful, and here it is - a blog posting!

So what is the purpose of this ramble? Well, strangely, there is one. I spotted something of interest to developers during a scan over the indiegamer forums - a new website designed to help developers after some work. Need an artist? Need a musician? Need beta testing? Sign up for free at and put the details in.

Even if you aren't shopping for contractors, please give this site some traffic if you can. It can only succeed if people know about it.