Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's Oh So Quiet...

So sang Bjork, and so I think at the moment. Since Bytten underwent its fundamental redesign, making submissions and administration both much simpler in the process, game submissions have suffered a bit of a dent. A few teething troubles are to blame, perhaps - one bug unearthed a couple of weeks ago only allowed developers to submit games if they already had a published review! - but things are a little quiet of late.

This means either one of two things. Either there's another bug chomping away at the bracken of the new system, in which case PLEASE tell us about it, or developers simply aren't popping by like they used to. Why not? Is it the new submission system? The colour scheme? Bytten has been providing a valued and professional service for several years now and we would value some feedback.

Of course, this could all simply be a lull in submissions and next week I could be complaining that we have too many. I hope so.