Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to the newcomer!

Having moved house, settled in and so on, I've rather fallen out of touch with blogging. Bytten continues as ever, with a steady rate of new submissions, and reviews go well. So I thought it high time I made some other comment here and I have the perfect topic.

There's a newcomer at Bytten. I don't mean another reviewer, but a new laptop. My old faithful companion is struggling now for space and, after some years of use, the performance is also starting to chug. Couple this with the ever increasing demands of computer software and it is plainly time to upgrade.

The new laptop, for the technophiles out there, is a Dell Inspiron 1521. It's running Windows Vista, another new arrival (and a slightly less enjoyable one, though doubtless I will adapt - the new Office suite is, however, much harder to use).

So welcome, new laptop, and may you stay with myself and Bytten for many years.


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