Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brass Tacks

News of a curious game in development has reached the Bytten offices. Described as having "a noir-crime-mobster atmosphere", the story features one Albert Swick, a man of dubious moral standing. His ex-partner has just had an accident, falling down the stairs and breaking his neck. Albert should be pretty pleased, since said ex-partner has been blackmailing him. Problem is, who's going to believe he wasn't involved?

Thus follows a curious game that isn't quite like any other. Your task is to exhonerate Albert - as the police will be able to finger him on such minor evidence as a single fingerprint or the most circumstantial of evidence, the best way to do this is make it look like someone else did it. After all, if it's obvious enough, who'll look for any other clues?

No demo was available at the time of writing this but we're hoping one will become available soon. Meantime, take a look at the development screenshots for an idea of just how good this game is looking:


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