Monday, August 28, 2006

Andrew Attempts Alphasix

Radical Poesis Games & Creations,

Another freeware game has passed over the Bytten desk recently, and once more I take up the call to climb inside it and see what happens when I try prodding various bits. What result did I obtain? Pain or pleasure? Is this the opening to a grand love affair, or a quick bit of fun on dull afternoons, or just a slap in the face and a court order?

Alphasix is a fast paced deathmatch between two heavily armed warriors. Pick one of five such warriors, then battle the other four one after the other. Shoot guns, throw grenades, or get in close with a knife to damage your opponent. Charge up your tension to unleash deadly special attacks.

Danmaku - a special attack. Often lethal.Graphics consist of a top-down view with tiny but well animated warriors. Bullets leave clear trails that aid tracking. Sound is plentiful and having stereo speakers can really help with hunting down your enemy.

It takes a little practice to get used to the controls but you'll soon be zipping around like crazy. Be sure to play the tutorials first as they'll teach you all the basics. Beware of exploding barrels!

So, am I forever smitten? Well, no - but there's a certain guilty pleasure in firing up Alphasix for a quick blast. Liven things up more by involving a friend - there's a two player option. There are options to choose from three game modes as well as adjust things such as timers and the number of health bars.