Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bounty - The Taste of Paradise?

Splice the mainbrace, unfurl the sails and set course for piratey adventure! I promise you that's the last of my nautical metaphors... Bounty, a game still in development as I type these words, sees you helping Mirabelle and her crew in a good old-fashioned treasure hunt. Can you help her find the lost riches of Captain Black Jack?

Bounty is a puzzle game with 140 levels of tile-pushing action. Help Mirabelle in her hunt for treasure by kicking and nudging objects into matching lines of three. Collect special tiles to swap tiles, freeze the timer and many more.

Graphically this game looks fantastic. Comic-book characters of a style very like those of "Curse of Monkey Island" instantly grab the attention and carry a lot of charm. There's also plenty of sound effects and ingame music.

Oooh, I can't resist it. Hoist the decks! Keelhaul the parrots! Et cetera, et cetera...

Visit Total Eclipse Games for more details and a trial download.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Good evening folks. I am now full of pizza and catching up on some rather overdue updating. My 9-5 work is tiring.

I'm taking a little time here to blow my own trumpet (stop giggling at the back there!) and want to mention my own indie company, I set this up at the beginning of the year and have really not been promoting it as hard as I should be. So what is it?

Basically, as a Bytten reviewer I have encountered a lot of games where the quality of English is... variable. This is largely due to the number of indie developers for whom English is a second language - I know full well how complex and illogical English can be! Since poor text can adversely affect your sales pitch - be that in the demo, the documentation or especially the website - I offer a proofreading service for any or all of these. Since professional proofreaders usually cost an absolute fortune and indie developers cannot afford their outrageous prices, I offer an affordable service targeted at those developers.

I have recently relaunched the site as, while my spelling/grammer are excellent, my webdesign skills are a bit rubbish. Helpful people, reeling from the blinding purple of my site (it looked blue on my laptop, honest!) suggested improvements and tried to teach me CSS. As a result I now have nifty buttons that light up when you hover over them. I like those. The website is less painful to look at and best of all, I can now accept payments for work through ShareIt as well as Paypal.

See for details of my services, prices and contact details.